April Osburn

name I have been raised around Silky Terriers my entire life. My mom has been raising them for as long as I can remember. I would like to share what I know about these wonderful dogs to people that are interested in owning one or learning more about them.

I have two of my own -- Gypsy Anne and Samantha Jane. They have been my companions for almost ten years and are a part of my family.

I hope I can help anyone that would like to make a place in their heart for these dogs!

Silky Terrier Coat Breaking Through to Many Color

25th February 2010
Silky Terriers have long, soft hair which is more human-like than other breeds and is not considered "fur" like most dogs, but a coat. When puppies are born they are black and tan. As they get older their color changes. This is called breaking. You will b... Read >